films, films,
the best resemble
great books
that are difficult to penetrate
because of their richness and depth.

the cinema isn't easy
because life is complicated
and art indefinable.
making life indefinable
and art

-manoel de oliveira
"cinematographic poem," 1986

Cinematheque Waterloo is volunteer-run not-for-profit initiative started by the Waterloo Film Group that aims to promote an understanding and appreciation of films in the Waterloo Region. Its creators conceived this project to inspire and promote film appreciation and culture. Film as a creative art form and cultural phenomenon, as well as "an evening at the theatre" has been lost in the widespread dissemination of mainstream cinema. Cinematheque Waterloo aims to recapture the essence of film with its unique initiative.

As part of its programming, Cinematheque Waterloo will offer several features:
  • Year-round screenings to present the history of world cinema on the big screen
  • Director and actor retrospectives
  • National cinema spotlights and thematic series
  • Special guest appearances, public lectures and free public screenings
  • Provide opportunities for local secondary and post-secondary students to learn more about film culture via special presentations and speakers
  • Provide opportunities and resources in the area of film for educators in the Waterloo Region
  • Screening so the audience can experience the films as originally intended
Films will be shown at the Original Princess Cinema (6 Princess Street West, Waterloo) in Waterloo.

Cinematheque Waterloo is membership-driven; annual fees will help cover such operational costs as acquisition of films, honouraria for guest speakers and marketing. Cinematheque Waterloo require support from individuals, foundations, corporations and all levels of government.

The Waterloo Film Group organization is incorporate as not-for-profit.

Waterloo Film Group Board of Directors: Katherine Spring (Associate Professor - WLU), Kevin McGuirk (Associate Professor - UW), Jason Shim, Som Tsoi, Russell Kilbourn (Associate Professor - WLU), Heiko Stang, Philippa Gates(Associate Professor- WLU), M Carleton Simpson, Christopher Beckett, Wendy Guymer

Waterloo Film Group Officers:Jason Shim, Matt Finlin

"to love cinema is to love life, to really look at this window on the universe"
- henri langlois
co-founder of the cinémathèque française
phantom of the cinémathèque, 2004

cin-e-ma-theque n [french cin-é-ma-thèque, blend of cinema; see cinema, and bibliothèque, library(from latin bibliotheca. see bibliotheca).] 1. a film library or archive 2. a small rented movie house specializing in avant-garde films 3. a motion-picture theater showing experimental or historically important films

wa-ter-loo n 1. a decisive or final defeat or setback <a political waterloo> 2. a village in central belgium, south of brussels: napoleon decisively defeated here on june 18, 1815. 3. a city in e iowa, usa. 4. a city in se ontario, canada